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Vaccination without an appointment

At the moment, you can only go to most vaccination locations for the corona vaccination with an appointment.

  1. Search your city name for a location nearby
  2. Make an appointment and get your vaccination

Can I go without an appointment?

If it is possible to visit a certain vaccinatrion location without an appointment, you can read this on the website of your regional GGD.

GGD locations per province

Which people can get the corona vaccination?

You can get the coronavirus vaccination if:

  • You are 60 years of age or older;
  • You are between 18 and 59 years of age and you receive an annual invitation for the flu shot;
  • You are an adult or child with a high risk for medical reasons;
  • You are pregnant;
  • You work in the healthcare sector and you have direct contact with patients and/or clients.

Sometimes you can also get the vaccination if you do not belong to these target groups. If you have a family member with vulnerable health or on the advice of a treating physician.

Can I get the corona vaccination?

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