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I’m not sure about getting the coronavirus vaccination

Whether it’s your first coronavirus vaccination or your fifth, there’s nothing wrong with having concerns. To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of questions along with some information about the coronavirus vaccination. Hopefully, this will help answer your questions and allay your concerns.

  • I’m not sure about getting the coronavirus vaccination because I’m pregnant

    “When you’re pregnant, you have to be really careful with medicines and vaccines, right?”

    The coronavirus vaccination is safe and effective, even during pregnancy. The risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 is higher during pregnancy. Complications can occur, and there is a chance that you might have to be admitted to hospital. There is also a higher chance of a premature birth. Vaccination reduces the chance of serious illness or premature birth due to COVID-19.

    When do you get an vaccination during your pregnancy?

    The corona vaccination can be given during the entire pregnancy. The risk of complications from the coronavirus increases at the end of pregnancy.

    Therefore, do not wait too long with the vaccination. The corona vaccination is preferably given between weeks 13 and 26 of pregnancy.

    Is the corona vaccination safe for my unborn child?

    There are no indications that the corona vaccination can be harmful to you or your child.

    Will the coronavirus vaccination affect my fertility?

    The coronavirus vaccination has no impact on fertility in either men or women. Vaccination during pregnancy has no impact on the formation of the placenta. This has been shown in research (toxicity studies) performed by all vaccine manufacturers. The Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG) and RIVM have stated that a COVID-19 vaccination is compatible with IVF treatment.

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  • How do I know whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe?

    “I read that the vaccine affects your body.”

    It makes sense to have concerns about whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe. You’ve heard so many different messages. It’s confusing. The truth is that a vaccine can only be used if it has been approved. In the Netherlands, vaccines are approved by the Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG). They evaluate the vaccines with a very critical eye, because nothing is more important than your health.

    Even after vaccines have been approved, their effects are closely monitored. This happens not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries. This means we quickly find out the results from new studies.

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    What are the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine?

    Some people experience side effects after having a coronavirus vaccination. These side effects are usually mild, such as muscle pain or fever. Some people get a headache or feel fatigued. These side effects usually go away within a day or two. Lareb is an organisation that keeps track of all side effects. When necessary, Lareb also does research into side effects. The side effects from the latest coronavirus vaccines are almost the same as those from other coronavirus vaccines.

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  • What should I do if I’m scared of vaccinations?

    “I can’t stand the idea of someone sticking a needle in my arm”

    1 in 5 people in the Netherlands are somewhat or very afraid of needles. Are you also afraid of the vaccination? Then tell a GGD employee at the vaccination location. There are experienced people working at the GGD who can help you if you are afraid.

    Fear of needlesticks is something that is not easy for everyone to talk about. It's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It is important to say it so that you can be helped.

    Read the story of an expert who explains fear of vaccination and gives tips if you still want to get the corona vaccination.

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  • I’m not sure because I don’t think I need a vaccination

    "I'm healthy, right?"

    The corona vaccination will be available this autumn for people who are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from corona. You can feel healthy, but at the same time you are more likely to develop a serious course of the disease. This is because your resistance against the coronavirus decreases over time.

    For that reason, it is important to get your vaccination. The target groups that are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from corona are listed on this page.

    You may also be a loved one of someone with vulnerable health. It is also possible to get the corona vaccination to protect your loved one with vulnerable health.

    Can I get a coronavirus vaccination? What is a vulnerable group?
  • Is COVID-19 still around?

    “Is COVID-19 becoming basically the same as the flu?”

    Will the coronavirus keep coming back every year, just like the flu?

    The coronavirus is still here, and is probably not going away. The virus continues to change. This can cause it to revive, causing people to become ill with corona. The virus can return in the autumn, but that can also be in a different season or at several times during the year.

    Are they vaccinated every autumn against corona, just like against the flu?

    That is not certain yet. This autumn, in addition to the flu shot, a corona vaccination is available for people who have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from corona or dying. Next year, it will be re-examined whether another corona vaccination is needed in the autumn.

  • How many people have been vaccinated now?

    “I’m not sure because enough people have been vaccinated.”

    It’s true that many people have already been vaccinated. You can see how many people have been vaccinated on the Coronavirus Dashboard . The population has built up a broad protection against COVID-19 through vaccination, previous coronavirus infection or a combination of the two. That’s why the coronavirus vaccination is not necessary for healthy people under the age of 60. This autumn, the coronavirus vaccination is only available for people who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19. The coronavirus vaccination provides protection against these risks.


    The corona dashboard shows how many people in the Netherlands have had a corona vaccination. That changes every day. The proportion of people in the Netherlands who have had a vaccination is called the vaccination rate.

    Go to the Corona dashboard

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