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3 tips for when your child needs to self-isolate

It can be tricky to clearly communicate to an infected child how important it is they stay home. Plus, following the same rules for isolation as adults can be hard for some children. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of this situation:

Have your child stay in their own room as much as possible

Make sure your child stays at home. Preferably as much as possible in their own room, until they are no longer infectious(opens external website). If it turns out to be too hard for them to stay in their own room, please stick to the following guidelines.

Limit physical contact

Strict isolation can negatively impact young children. That is why it is not recommended for children aged twelve years or younger. Please try to limit physical contact inside your home as much as possible. This way, you can prevent further infections within the family.

Think of activities that allow for 1.5 meters distance

There are activities you can take part in together while keeping 1.5 meters distance. For example, you may think about an online pub quiz, another online game, or reading to your child from a distance.

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