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All the information about the corona vaccination

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Who can get the vaccination?

The corona vaccination will remain available for:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Adults and children from high-risk medical groups (for example people with a serious immune disorder) on the advice of a treating physician;
  • People who have received a referral from a treating physician for a reason other than those mentioned above.

They can make an appointment only by telephone on 0800-7070 .

The autumn round was intended to protect people who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from corona during the period when many viruses are circulating. By getting the corona shot in the autumn, you ensure that your immune system is up to standard again in the winter. This is expected to provide you with the most health benefits.

It is not necessary for everyone in the Netherlands to get a coronavirus vaccination. Our population has built up a broad protection against COVID-19 through vaccination, previous coronavirus infections or a combination of the two. In addition, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is less likely to make people ill than earlier variants of the virus.

You can only get the corona vaccination if you are pregnant or have been referred for a corona vaccination by a treating doctor.

The chance of becoming seriously ill from corona is greater during pregnancy. Complications can occur and there is a chance that you will need to be admitted to hospital. There is also a greater chance of premature birth. With the corona vaccination there is a smaller chance of serious illness or premature birth due to corona. A corona vaccination with an mRNA vaccine just before, during or just after pregnancy is safe for both mother and child.

On the advice and with a referral from a treating (paediatric) doctor, children and young people aged 6 months to 17 years can get the corona vaccination at the GGD. This may be necessary if they are at increased risk of serious illness from corona despite previous vaccination or infection.

You can make an appointment for the corona vaccination via telephone number 0800-7040 .

Frequently asked questions

An overview of your corona vaccinations can be found on if you have given permission to have your corona vaccination registered. This is not an official vaccination certificate.

View your corona vaccinations

There is no objection to receiving the vaccinations at the same time or close together. For example, the corona vaccination can be given at the same time as the maternal whooping cough vaccination or a vaccination from the National Vaccination Program.

However, in practice it is often not possible to receive vaccinations at the same time, because the locations where you can get the vaccination may differ.

This may depend on your medical situation. You can get the corona vaccination, but the corona vaccination may provide little or no extra protection. A corona infection strengthens your defense against the virus.

Have you been referred by a treating physician for an extra corona vaccination in 2024? Consult with the treating doctor whether it is wise to continue with the appointment for the corona vaccination, now that you have just had a corona infection.

The treating doctor will indicate when it is best to get the corona vaccination.

Yes, that's possible if you have an appointment. A cold is no reason not to get the corona vaccination. Do you also have a fever (38.5 degrees or more) with a cold? Cancel the vaccination appointment. Make a new appointment when you no longer have a fever.

That is not certain yet. In 2024, the corona vaccination will remain available to people with a referral from a treating doctor. Pregnant women can also get the corona vaccination.

The minister will still decide whether and for whom there will be a new round of vaccinations in the autumn of 2024.

It very occasionally happens that a corona vaccination is better not given (right now) for medical reasons. Consider fever on the day of the vaccination; an operation under anesthesia, or a serious side effect after a previous corona vaccination. Are you unsure whether it is wise to get the corona vaccination (now)? Then consult with your treating physician.

More information: Illness and medication use and COVID-19 vaccination | RIVM

Als je een afspraak maakt, wordt er aan je gevraagd de vragenlijst over jouw gezondheid (gezondheidsverklaring) in te vullen en mee te nemen naar de afspraak.

Download de gezondheidsvragenlijst (PDF)

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