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Do I need a QR code to travel?

Other countries may ask that you present a proof of test or vaccination upon entry. Therefore, it is wise to make sure to have a QR code. Always check what measures apply in the country that you are traveling to at .

Who pays for my COVID-19 test if the test was performed by a doctor?

If you get tested for COVID-19 by your primary physician or at a hospital, the test is paid for by your health insurance and deducted from your excess.

How do I know if I have COVID-19 or another virus?

If you have complaints, it is no longer necessary to test whether it is COVID-19. Whether you have COVID-19, the flu or another virus, it is equally important to follow the basic advice with all these types of infections.

I have post-COVID, but how can I prove that I have had corona without a test?

A test result from the GGD is not necessary to determine that you have post-COVID - and therefore have had COVID-19. A doctor can determine whether you need paramedic recovery or aftercare

When should I do another self-test?

Self-testing is no longer necessary. At the moment, the COVID-19 advice applies to all other respiratory complaints too. Like working from home when you are sick and avoiding physical contact with people who have a higher risk to become seriously ill from a respiratory infection.

• The government still has many tests left. Self-tests remain optimally accessible for, among others, people who feel vulnerable, including people with financial difficulties.

• To prevent waste as much as possible, we have decided to keep self-tests available for these people until the end of the year. Ask the municipality if you are eligible for free self-tests. Visit for more information.

Can I still be tested at the GGD?

You can still get a test to obtain a proof of recovery until 17 March 2023. After that date, you can go to a commercial provider.

What will happen to GGD test lanes?

The GGD test lanes will be closed. However, the GGD ensures that these can be deployed again quickly, if necessary.

What if testing is necessary again because a new COVID-19 variant emerges?

The GGD ensures that test lanes can be organized quickly, if necessary. RIVM estimates the chance that large-scale testing will be necessary again is rather small.