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  • There’s still a lot we don’t know about post-COVID. That’s why numerous studies are being carried out, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can find a list of ongoing and completed studies at .

  • COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a coronavirus. Fortunately, most people who get COVID recover. But there’s also a growing group of people who still have symptoms after three months. You can find information on the best ways to deal with these symptoms at:

  • Some people continue to experience symptoms for a long time after having COVID-19. If the symptoms continue for three months or more, post-COVID may be diagnosed. The symptoms such as fatigue, concentration and memory problems are the most common. You can find more information on .

  • The Health Council does not recommend a corona vaccination for people who do not belong to the target groups because it contributes little to preventing serious illness. There is also no advice to get a corona vaccination for post-COVID patients who do not belong to the target groups.
    There is currently no scientific evidence that vaccination can reduce existing post-COVID complaints or prevent a relapse. In some patients the symptoms decrease, others report that complaints have worsened after the corona vaccination.
    For more information about post-COVID, see: Post-COVID (long-term symptoms after corona) | Coronavirus COVID-19 |

  • There is a temporary scheme to provide paramedical recovery care to people with long-term COVID symptoms. Since 18 July 2020, paramedical recovery care is covered by basic health insurance. However, there is still a deductible to pay. The recovery care may include physiotherapy, exercise therapy, occupational therapy, dietary advice and/or speech therapy. You can find more information at .

  • We don't know enough about that yet. Research during previous corona waves show that a corona vaccination before a corona infection may have protected against the development of post-COVID. It is unknown whether this is also the case with the current variants and, if so, to what extent. More research is needed for this.

    People who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from corona can get a corona vaccination this year . Although the corona vaccination restores their protection against hospitalization and reduces the risk of death from corona, they can still become infected with the coronavirus and develop post-Covid.

    That is why it remains important for everyone to follow the advice for preventing respiratory infections. This way you protect people with vulnerable health and yourself.

    For more information about post-COVID, see: Post-COVID (long-term symptoms after corona) | Coronavirus COVID-19 |