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I want to know all about the repeat vaccination against coronavirus from the second half of September

I'm considering getting a repeat vaccination against coronavirus in September

Do I need to get another corona vaccination and why?

Based on what we now know about the coronavirus, we are taking into account a new corona wave in the autumn, as a result of which the number of infections may increase. The fight against corona is necessary to maintain protection against serious illness and death. The repeat vaccination against corona is also necessary to keep healthcare accessible and to reduce the burden on society, to prevent loss of employers for example.

Who can get the repeat vaccination against corona?

Anyone aged 12 years or older who has completed the basic series can get the repeat 3 months after the last shot of corona infection. People with an annual risk of illness and death, less than 60 years of age, who receive the flu shot annually healthcare workers with patient and client contact are the first to be given a repeat injection. After that, everyone, from 12 years old, who wants to get a shot against corona. Even those who have already had a booster or second booster can get another repeat vaccination against corona.

What is the difference between a booster and a repeat vaccination?

There is no difference. A booster and a booster boost the effect that the basic series - the first vaccination(s) - has on the immune system. This provides temporary extra protection against corona. From now on we will keep the term 'repeat vaccination against corona vaccination', because it has been made clear that the jab can be repeated more often. How often and with what period depends on how the corona virus develops.

Can I get a second booster against corona earlier?

No. First, people with a higher medical risk and healthcare workers with patient contact are invited. After that, anyone aged 12 and older can get the repeat. You can get the repeat vaccination from three months after the last corona vaccination or corona infection.​

I am not vaccinated yet, can I get a repeat vaccination?

If you have not yet had a single corona jab, you first need the basic series against corona. You can't get this one yet, you don't have to wait until autumn for this. The basic series consists of 2 injections with an mRNA vaccine ​(BioNTech/Pfizer from Moderna​). If you don't have an mRNA If you want to be vaccinated, you can also choose 2 shots with Novavax or 1 shot with Janssen. If you have had corona, 1 shot in the basic series is sufficient and you can get it at least 8 weeks after the infection.​

Do I need the repeat vaccination to travel abroad?

It differs per country which corona vaccinations are necessary and for how long they are valid. So check what the measures are before you leave. You can do this via the website external website)

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