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I need a test result for a trip

Your advice

Are you visiting a country that asks for a test certificate? Make an appointment at a commercial test location. Search online for a test location nearby.

So, you can't visit the GGD to take a test for travelling abroad. A negative test result from the GGD is not a valid test certificate for travelling.

Choose a test location

Need a negative test result from a PCR test or antigen test? Book an appointment at a commercial test location. You need to pay for the costs yourself.

  • You'll get the test result via email or on paper.
  • When making an appointment, ask if you can show the result from the CoronaCheck app.
  • Schedule your appointment on time, so you'll get the result before your trip.
  • Check whether you need an antigen of PCR test.

You cannot go to the GGD for a negative test result for travel

Upload your test result in the CoronaCheck app

You'll get the test result via email or on paper, including a unique retrieval code. Use this retrieval code to add your test result in the CoronaCheck app.

CoronaCheck app(opens external website)

Positive result? Make a recovery certificate

Do you get a positive test result via the commercial test location? It is being passed on to the GGD. You can make a recovery certificate in the CoronaCheck-app or via external website).

Wijs op reis

Looking for information on the coronavirus rules in a certain country? Visit the website external website).

  • Visit external website)

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