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Someone I live with has coronavirus

Advice for you

Please make sure to avoid contact with the infected (or infectious) person. You don't have to stay at home yourself.

Please avoid contact with the elderly and . Keep avoiding contact up until 10 days after the last time you were in contact with the infected person.

Are you developing symptoms that could mean you have coronavirus? Please test yourself as soon as possible.

Take a test if you have symptoms

It is wise to watch your health condition. Do you have related to the coronavirus? Please take a self-test as soon as possible.

Is your self-test positive? Then self-isolate at home. Only make an appointment at the GGD if you belong to one of these groups:

  • People who need a recovery certificate
  • People and healthcare workers living or working in a nursing home or other institution with vulnerable persons (70 years and older or with an immune disorder)
  • People living at home or going to day care (70 years and older or with an immune disorder)
  • People unable to selftest, not even with the help of others.

Make an appointment at the GGD(opens external website)

More tips

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